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Recorded Workshops for tutors and teachers

Simplify Syllables Workshop

This is a follow-up to the previous workshop on Simplify Syllables.  It reviews some of the material already presented and answers some questions that had been brought up.  

Simplify Syllables Workshop

This recording of a live workshop looks at the reason syllable instruction can get confusing and proposes a streamlined approach for teaching syllabication for Orton-Gillingham and other structured literacy instructors and tutors. Many resources are offered in the accompanied presentation. This link makes a copy of the presentation for you:


Engaging Activities for Virtual Instruction

Specifically for reading instruction (Orton-Gillingham or structured literacy) but useful for other situations, if can be difficult to keep students engaged if they can't manipulate and interact with material in the virtual classroom. This workshop introduces some ways to engage with students who use google meet or are on iPads and Chromebooks with reduced functionality. I forgot to record the first period of time that we taught about Jamboards, how to split your screen and how to get students back into their meeting when they leave to another site. I hope that the information we did record is helpful. The Wakelet of videos and copyable resources is here:

Workshop on Virtual Instruction for Small Group RTI

This is a video of a workshop on providing small group reading instruction for RTI in a virtual setting. I follow structured literacy practices and give tips on how this can work in synchronous small group classes. The wakelet that has mentioned resources is here:

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