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Professional Development

Crash Course on Foundational Reading Skills

This PD offering was provided to teachers at the local elementary school.  The recordings are very informal, and have some glitches, but the material is offered here in hopes that it can continue to help others. Link to other resources and videos are at the bottom.

Session 1 - The Science of Reading

This is the first session of a PD I conducted to introduce Structured Literacy and Foundational Reading instruction for teachers at Kailua Elementary School. The first two sessions are about the science behind reading instruction. Links to all the videos and the resources mentioned are here:

Sessions 3-6 focus on PK-Grade 3
Sessions 7-10 Focus more on Grades 3-6

Part 10 was a hands-on workshop of working with multisyllabic words - how to decode, how to promote orthographic mapping, and how to connect with morphology.

This links to a Wakelet Collection of other resources useful for learning about the Science of Reading.
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