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Digital Steal-It Games - 10 Games!

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Play Steal-It Online or Digitally!

Useful for virtual tutoring and in-person. Steal It is the ideal game to reinforce any sorting activity, especially multiple spellings of a particular phoneme. The beauty of this game is the number of repetitions a student gets in reading the words. Most games require that a word gets read once; in this game, the words are read each time the player “steals” a pile.

The games are played in, a separate site that allows online gaming. I am not affiliated with the site, and have no control over what other games are offered on the site. At this time, there are no ads on the platform, but I cannot guarantee that it will always remain ad-free. Because this is a public gaming site and may contain inappropriate games, or be used inappropriately, many schools block it from their controlled devices. If you or your student use devices controlled by a school, please check that you can use the platform before you purchase this pack.

The download includes a video demonstrating a student playing a game. As you will see, the directions are that the player turns a card from the deck and reads it and determines the spelling of the target sound. If no other cards with that spelling are exposed yet, the player puts that card on his side in a separate pile. If the spelling is already on the opponent’s side of the table, the player “steals” all the cards with that spelling, reading each one. If the player already has that spelling, he may just add the new card to that pile. Play continues for a set time or until all the cards in the deck have been read. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end of the game.

Included in these downloads are:

  • A video demonstrating how this game is played virtually (with a student)
  • A video of how to import these game backups into a new game room in
  • A video of how to remove cards from the deck (and edit)
  • A video showing how to keep the game rooms active
  • Room backups for
    • Long a Steal It (including graphemes a, ai, ay, a-e, ei/ey, eigh)
    • Long e Steal It (including graphemes e, ee, ea, y, ie, e-e)
    • Long i Steal It (including graphemes i, i-e, y, igh, ie)
    • Long o Steal It (including graphemes o, o-e, oa, ow, oe)
    • Long ew Steal It (including graphemes ew, u, o, ue, ui, ou)
    • air Steal It (including graphemes air, ear, arr, ar, er, err, ere)
    • er Steal It (including graphemes er, ir, ur, wor, ear)
    • Silent e Steal It (long vowels with silent e and other functions of silent e to sort by vowel sound and function of the silent e)
    • Short Vowel Steal It (cvc words including digraphs to sort by vowel sound)
    • b, d, p, q Steal It (to sort these confusing consonants in the initial position with short vowel sounds)

That’s 10 Steal-It Games!

To play these games, the tutor should make an account (free at this time) on Before you play the games, you will import the game room backup into the site according to the video instructions. This is where you will Import the room back-ups. When you enter the room, use the Share Room icon and copy the link. Use chat to send the link to your student. The student then taps on the link and enters the game on his own device. He must also be able to return to the video call after the game. He may not see you during the game unless he can do a split screen, but this doesn’t usually matter to students. For these Steal-It games, it is also possible to just give remote control to the student to have them play from your computer. If you have any questions about using games in, please refer to my other videos or contact me.

I am an Orton Gillingham (OG) tutor and reading interventionist with many years of experience in effectively reaching our struggling students. The methods for reaching the struggling students are shown to also help ALL learners. I hope that my products will help you bring success to your students. If you have any issues or questions, please contact me. Emily Laidlaw

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