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Class Version - Core Phonics Survey Recording and Summary Sheet

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I Do not own the Copyright to the CORE Phonics Survey and do not wish to infringe on their intellectual rights. II am selling my method for recording and summarizing the data from the survey. If you already have the survey and want an easy way to administer, record, and summarize the data to see growth over time, this product is for you!

This google sheet is a digital recording sheet for the CORE Phonics Survey . This version allows you to track the data for UP TO THIRTY students for a single testing session. When you record the student’s answers, the sheet calculates totals and benchmark/strategic/intensive support requirements by skill. In addition, it allows you to group the students by needs.

Instructions on how to use the individual version of the recording sheet are here. and written into the sheet. Please watch the video!

You have permission to copy this file for all of your own students.

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