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Dr. David Kilpatrick, the author of Equipped for Reading Success, has published his Phonological Awareness Screening Test (PAST) in his book and on the site:

This google sheet is a VERSION TO COLLECT DATA FOR A CLASS. This digital recording sheet allows you to administer the PAST and summarize data for up to 30 students. You get access to the four versions of the PAST test. When you record the student’s answers, the totals are calculated and you get a visual of which sections have been passed. The organization of the sheet allows you to group students according to need as shown in this video.

Instructions on how to use the individual recording sheet are here. Please watch the video! Instructions for using the class version are written into the sheet.

Dr. Kilpatrick has given permission for this to be sold; it does not infringe on copyrighted material.

You have permission to copy this file for all of your own students. Do no share it freely, but rather refer others to my store.

I am an Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutor and reading interventionist with many years of experience in effectively reaching our struggling students. The methods for reaching the struggling students are shown to also help ALL learners. I hope that my products will help you bring success to your students. If you have any issues or questions, please contact me. Emily Laidlaw

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