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Blending app - Nonsense Word Generator

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This app runs in Google Sheets to provide randomized nonsense words. The purpose is to encourage continuous blending and can be seen in this video:

Continuous blending has been show in research to be a faster method of teaching decoding CVC words and transfers to improved decoding of harder words.

There are many sheets included in this app.

  • The first sheet hides the final consonant until the student blends the initial consonant and medial vowel together. When the student blends through the vowel continuously, and holds that sound, you can open the third column to reveal the final sound. The object here is to prevent the student from guessing the word or segmenting the sounds. The sounds should be held together. So it is not /s/, /a/, /t/, /sat/, but "sssaaaat" and the final consonant can be dropped on the end once the first two sounds are said together and held. This sheet starts with continuant consonants to make it easier to blend the sounds together.
  • The second and third sheets show all three positions, still starting with continuant consonants. There is a floating rectangle that can be used to mask the final letter if needed to direct the student's focus. Sheet two allows you to change one letter at a time and sheet three changes them all.
  • The fourth cvc sheet uses all consonants in the initial position, not just the continuants allowing one letter change at a time and the fifth sheet allows all cvc combinations changed together. These can be used once the student easily blends the first two sounds together in a connected or continuous fashion.

The subsequent sheets include:

  • cvcc
  • ccvc
  • b/d/p/q confusing letters in the initial and final position
  • c/g - to practice switching between the hard and soft sounds depending on what follows the c or g
  • ccvcc
  • R controlled vowels
  • Vowel teams
  • Silent E
  • cvc/cvce - to practice switching between the closed and silent e syllables (short and long vowel sounds)
  • Open syllables
  • Open/Closed - to practice switching between the two syllable types
  • All possibilities

That's 17 blending apps in one to offer unlimited possibilities!

There is no script to authorize in this version of the app. All the functionality happens without added “code”.

This nonsense word generator gives unlimited practice. The CVC Continuous Blending Deck provides practice with real words. Once the student has gotten the habit of continuous blending, use another deck that reveals the whole word. I suggest the CVC Word Ladders deck. Other Decks of real word blending are coming to the TPT Store.

This app can be used in synchronous instruction either in person or virtually by displaying the presentation.

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